Master Thesis: Video Game Literacy in Educational Sciences


In this Master Thesis we take a closer look at video games in education and video game literacy. The latter, together with prior experience with the medium and a positive attitude towards video games, are seen to be important conditions for the success of video games in formal education. In this explorative research study, we explore two trajectories. In the first trajectory, we determine the level of video game literacy in students that are part of the 1st year of the Bachelor program in Educational Sciences. In the second trajectory, we research their experience with and attitude towards video games in general and in formal education. For this purpose, we use the GameLogs method, as described by Zagal (2010) and foregoing questionnaires (Bourgonjon et al., 2009; 2013).
During the study, we find the participants to have little experience with video games in general and in formal education specifically. Foreknowledge of the medium is generally low. While the students do hold a possitive and open attitude towards the medium, their assessment of the relevance of video games for their own education is low. Overall the video game literacy of the participants is relatively low.
This thesis concludes with a request for future effort on exposing students in educational sciences and teaching programs to video games, in order to facilitate critical reflection on the medium and possible uses in formal education.


Master Thesis Video Game Literacy

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