The Priorities of a Curious Person

I was educated in the Humanities and Social Sciences. I love Educational Sciences. I adore Game Studies as a field. I wish to be part of the DIY and Maker Culture.

I want to learn how to code.
I want to read more in my own field.
I want to learn how to draw.
I want to ice skate better.
I want to learn about physics.
I want to know robotics.
I want a PhD in Game Studies

The list can go on and on. Every day, I get triggered to learn something. I always want to figure out something new (or master something old). But I can only do so much. Especially as someone who wants to do things right and get to the bottom.

I should focus and prioritise. Pick something to start with and stick to it. But instead I find myself regretting my choices, because I always have to sidetrack something else.

When I’m learning how to draw, I have no time to learn how to code properly. Or vice versa. How do I stop wanting both? How do I prioritise?

Let’s focus on drawing then. I’ll regret not knowing code later, when I have more time.

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