The first step to DIY success: Wreck it!

Yesterday I took a big step towards the ‘new maker me’.

I wrecked my broken power bank!  [insert sense of pride]

The backstory: a while back my power bank broke down. The micro USB port meant for charging the batteries detached, so no more yummy juice for them…

The old me would have thrown it out and bought a new one. A sturdier one. The ‘new maker me’ took a different road. I took a knife and started cutting away at the glued seams of the case. Who cares if I wreck it? If I don’t fix it, it’s useless anyway.

One hour and a lot of swearing later, the glue finally gave up. I know have three parts: half a case with electronics and batteries, have an empty case and well… a pile of broken plastic. (Pictures will follow soon)
The case won’t be recycled obviously, but I can just make a new one right?

I never thought taking something apart would give me such satisfaction. I’m so glad I stepped out of the consumption road and decided to fix (and improve) something broken.

The plans up ahead:

  • Make a new case
  • Solder the micro USB port back onto the board
  • Test the wiring

And last but not least: add a solar panel so I can recharge my juice on the road (or more importantly: on a festival field).

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