Mr. Eww notes

Mr. Eww – The Project

Meet Mr. Eww, my first planned Arduino project.

Mr. Eww notes

It will be an interactive plush monster. A bit like Tickle-Me-Elmo, but with a twist. An icky twist. Because Mr. Eww knows no shame at all. He burps, sneezes and farts whenever he pleases and will not apologise.

I got the idea from my boyfriend, who keeps calling me Fart Monster. So I came up with a cutie I can relate to: one with bodily noises. At first it seemed a simple idea: press his belly and he burps; press his nose and he sneezes; and so on. But as soon as I started thinking it through, I realised I had no clue what I’m doing. Oh boy!

Obviously, it will be an Arduino project. With speakers. And three buttons or push sensors. Preferably with multiple (randomly shuffled) sounds per button. Because it gets boring if he sneezes exactly the same every single time. Oh and did I mention I have never programmed anything in my life?

Oh boy!

So I started by separating it into steps I could master, as you can see on my list below. Also I made a shopping list, because the monster won’t be doing much without an Arduino taking control of the circuits.

DSC_0512I started reading books on Arduino for beginners and they make it look all so simple, until you get to the pages with the code. Then my eyesight start to blur with all the complicated stuff. And so many brackets!

But let’s start simple: getting a LED to light up with a button or pressure sensor. That should be doable, right? Then we’ll move to sound. Onwards to multiple buttons and LED’s. More sounds. Randomise them. And so on.

Oh and of course, everything needs to fit nicely inside Mr. Eww’s body. I don’t want to be blamed for any children traumatised by wires coming from his butt. So batteries it is!

Oh boy!

I hope nothing explodes.

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