Ten reasons why my mum is the awesomest…

  1. She’s a good down-to-earth cook. I love her food… no wait, adore her food!
    Nothing beats her Gratin with leek and ham; or her chicory with cheesesaus. And then I forgot to mention the chocolate mousse and tiramisu. Oh the rice porridge.
    Now excuse me while I wipe off my drool…
  2. Her fashion advice is the best. When I ask her what to wear, she tells me: eeny – meeny – miny – moe!
  3. She has the best nicknames for all of us. My brother is called ‘Cowboy’, my sister-in-low is ‘Poppemie’, I’m ‘Mop’ and the boyfriend is ‘Snorremans’, or loosely translated: moustache man.
  4. She completely accepts our weirdness. This woman did not even blink when I decided to put a unicorn on my dashboard as a mascotte, with an integrated NFC chip. And she actually encourages the Mr. Ewww project.
  5. She’s funny. Hilarious even. No one makes class act remarks like my mum.
  6. No matter how crowded the environment, my mum is always easy to find. She’s usually the loudest in the room. Comes in pretty handy.
  7. By far, she must be one of the strongest people I know. No matter how rough things get, she always stands tall, supporting all around her. Oh, and don’t pick a fight with her. I promise you, you’ll lose.
  8. Connected to that, she’s a real Mater Familia. Being the second youngest among her siblings didn’t stop her from becoming the alpha of the family. She rules with a kind heart and a strong hand, taking care of all of us.
  9. My mum never gave up on me and is always on my side. Whatever happens, I know she’s there to encourage me or give me a good kick in the ass.
  10. We have an amazing open relationship. I can talk to her about anything, from sex to awkward health issues. I don’t know a lot of people that can send a daily poop report to their mum without it getting weird.

Conclusion: my mom ROCKS!

Next up in the corny series: Ten reasons why my dad is equally awesome.

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