A trip into the Land of Music


I just spent a long at the “Rock Werchter” Music Festival here in Belgium, as a good tradition me and my bestie share. Every year, we take 4 days to go to a wide range of concerts at one of the best festivals in the world.

As usual it involved awesome artists and a lot of chilling in the sun, but also great food and lovely friends. Sadly, this year there was a ‘small’ hickup: a severe infection of the glands in my throat. I almost had to cancel, but thank god for a combination of Ibuprofen 600 and naps. The fever stayed down and the pain managable, as long as I would take my meds in a timely way and had some shut-eye every few hours.

Being ill did not keep me from enjoying some of the awesome concerts going on or from enjoying the fabulously relaxed atmosphere, so I’ll give you a small recap.

  • Best show: The Prodigy. Definitly. This was the concert I was waiting for the most, as it had been years since I’d seen them last. And “The Day is My Enemy” sure is an awesome record. They did not disappoint at all.
  • Best voice: Here it’s almost a tie between Hozier and Florence & the Machine, but I’m giving credit where it’s due. Hozier was amazing and listening to that record live felt like heaven.
  • Most calories burnt: Dancing in an overcrowded, super hot tent, jumping and screaming like a mad woman. On the last day -when I was finally feeling better-, Die Antwoord delivered their usual spectacle and threw an awesome party in the Barn.
  • Dreamiest: Again a tie, between Elbow and Damien Rice, taking us to other spheres with their lovely music.
  • Can’t wait to see them again: The Alabama Shakes were -as expected and as usual- amazing, blowing us away with their musical power. Luckily, I won’t have to wait long…

The best food was a lovely Chicken Caesar Burger. The man that decided to put a ceasar salad inbetween a pistolet, is a genious and undoubtedly my hero.

That was it. Let the countdown for #RW2016 begin!

Picture by Rockwerchterfestival

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