Time for a kick in the butt…

Honestly, I have been slacking on learning how to draw.

I hardly pick up a pencil or markers anymore and I can’t even remember when I did some real-life drawing with proper shading. I usually just resort to doodles and cartoons.

So from now on, it is time to kick it up a notch again. No more slacking. So I have decided to set myself a challenge: I need to spend 100 hours drawing, doodling, colouring, … before the start of 2016.

I have set off on the right foot immediately, spending a little over an hour with pencils and markers in my hand. Nothing fancy or requiring too much observation. Or skill. Just some doodling and colouring patterns.

So that’s one hour down, 99 left to go.

In the words of the Doctor: Allons-y!

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