Back to the basics

As you know, my interest in drawing is recent (a little over a year, I think). So I never went to art school or drawing lessons.

I just started… Without really knowing what to do. Drawing real life objects. Trying out doodling and cartoons. Fiddling with zentangles. But I never really took the time to go through the principles of drawing.

Let’s change that!

And Reddit is ever so helpful. I discovered this lovely subreddit called Art Fundamentals, in conjunction with . Hallelujah!
A website that gives concrete exercises and homework, great explanations and awesome examples. That is, in contrast to all the ‘learn to draw’ books I have lying around here which tend to go from “draw a circle” over *magic* to “look, it’s a horse running across the desert”.

So I spent over 2 hours today drawing lines, learning how to ghost, drawing ellipses in all shapes, sizes and angles and eventually: boxes! Damn, those boxes are hard.

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