Artbuddy, homework included.

Last week, I went on a quest. The quest for an ‘artbuddy’: someone that will keep me motivated for drawing and give me some feedback.

Luckily, there is this handy subreddit called (you guessed it) /r/artbuddy. And I succeeded.

I found Vaewin, a talented artist from Portugal. She doesn’t have that much of her work online, but you can check out two of her wonderful pieces on her Tumblr.

Yesterday, she gave me my first homework. From now on, I have to do some daily gesture studies. Whooowee, that’s a step up for me.
Luckily, she directed me towards this nifty little website called Quickposes, with their timed pose generator. I also really like the other resource she gave me: timed animal drawing practice!

I think yesterday I spent about 1,5 hours on that. And boy, it was hard. It felt a bit like drowning, but I managed to pull out some ok gesture sketches.

Let’s do better tonight!

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