Things to do when (potentially) unemployed.

At the end of September my current contract ends and so far I haven’t landed anything new yet. To be honest, vacancies are scarce and getting an interview is even worse.

“Not enough experience”

So to ease my mind, I am making lists. This time: a list of things to do while I’m temporarily unemployed:

  • Things to learn:
    • Follow a course to refresh my French
    • Animator and workshop instructor courses
    • Digital skills, such as programming
      • Python
      • C++
    • Graphical skills
      • Drawing
      • Illustrator
  • Organisations to volunteer at:
    • Dwengo, an educational electronics and robotics organisation.
    • Mediaraven, an organisation focusing on digital literacy for the younger generations and youth work.
    • A good cause, that I haven’t decided on yet. Preferably something working with children.
  • Fun stuff:
    • Building lots of cool thingies out of LEGO
    • Spending more time with my friends and family
    • Playing some of the video games from my giant backlog
    • Go ice skating whenever I have the time.

I think this should be enough to keep me from going insane with boredom, right?

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