Things to do when unemployed – Update

About 2 months ago, I wrote this post on what to do when I’d become unemployed… And since I’ve been in that situation for 19 days now, it is time for a recap.

The good news is that my unemployment is only temporary. From November on I should be working for sCool, an awesome digital platform for primary schools.

  1. Things to learn:
    • I’ve done well on brushing up my French, but I’m not there yet. More Duolingo, more!
    • My digital skills now include a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
    • I’m still fiddling around with C++ for Arduino, but have been slacking on Python.
    • My skill in the Ardublock graphical programming language has increased by a lot ^_^
  2. Organisations to volunteer at:
    • As you can see on the teampage, I am now a proud member of the Dwengo crew. Organising workshops with them has been a blast so far and I’m looking forward to the next series of robotics camps!
    • Still considering signing up for Mediaraven, but as soon as I’m employed again, my free time might dwindle.
  3. Fun stuff:
    • My LEGO robot (Bobby) still needs adapting, but he has become quite good at driving solo. Now he urgently needs a smaller wheelbase, so he can take shorter turns.
    • I’ve spent a lot of time with my friends and family, including meeting up with some neglected contacts. I’m also trying hard to stay in touch with my former colleagues, as I miss them a bunch.
    • My videogame collection has grown again, but I’ve also played quite a bit ^_^
      Right now, I’m into Wii U games. Especially playing Yoshi’s Woolly World together with le Boyfriend.
    • Doing good on the ice skating. My technique is definitely improving.

On top of the list, I’ve rejoined the local Ice Hockey team, so they have a doofus again to make them feel better about their own skills.

So that’s about it. Right now, I urgently need to draw more again. Because I’ve been severely slacking on that front. And probably learn more about HTML5 cause it sure looks like fun.

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