7 things I’m great at, but can’t put on my resume

I’m a girl of many talents. Mostly weird and useless talents. Not like any I can put on my resume or LinkedIn profile. But I still get to be proud of them, right?

1. Napping


Yay, naps

I’m a pro at napping. I can lie down / sit / hang just about anywhere during the day and get some shuteye. A short time out and it’s like I’m brand new.

2. Befriending animals


Let all the animals come to me

I’m no Cinderella or Snow White, but I am awesome at making dogs & cats love me. Even the shiest kitties usually end up asking for pets or cuddles. And of course: it’s mutual!

3. Inventing new words


Does this word even make any sense?

One of my favourite pastimes: mashing words together to create new ones. Or just invent them from scratch. Boyfriend loves it and joins in on the madness. Boss and colleagues think it’s weird. Oh well.

4. Expert binge watching

we bare bears

Icebear for President

I know I’m not alone on this one, but I can binge watch TV shows like there’s no tomorrow. Especially awesome cartoon shows, like We Bare Bears and Gravity Falls. I need moar!

5. Locating Ice Cream Trucks by sound


Om nom nom nom nom

This is a skill I’ve had since childhood. Just by hearing the tune, I can analyse the direction and distance it’s coming from. And -in my home town- even pinpoint the truck down to a street. Which reminds me, I need to learn the routes in my current city.

6. Generating random ideas for my artistic boyfriend

When the awesome Rembrand gets stuck, I throw random ideas at him. Like angry pancakes. And sheep that dream of becoming a pilot.

Btw, Keep checking out his work at BlackTeaComics.com

7. Playground testing


Me on a great day

I can’t walk by a playground without submitting it to thorough testing. Climbing, swinging, hopping … I’m great at it all!


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