Countdown to Corgi

27 / 08 /2016

Mark that day in your calendar. Because it’s a day of happiness.

Finally, oh finally, I will be picking up my new BFF: Ziggy Stardust.

Let me introduce you to him. Ziggy is a gloriously floofy and awesome Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He’s a little over one year old, affectionate and a total goofball. Just what I needed in my life. Oh and the ears. I love his ears.

Ziggy Stardust

To my friends who thought my Corgi-obsession couldn’t get any worse: you were wrong. Muhahaha. I even went through the trouble of making an Instagram account for Ziggy Stardust. Because I can.

Yes, I know 27/08 is still far off. 31 days to be exact. Yes, I will be annoying and impatient. Yes, you will have to deal with it.

*runs off in the direction of random Corgis on Reddit*

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