Ziggy Stardust Fact Sheet

After two weeks, it’s about time for a wrap-up of our lives in the company of Ziggy Stardust the Corgi: IT’S AWESOME!


Ball is love, ball is life.

Here are some obvious and lesser-known facts about our little space trooper.

  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi
  • Blue Merle coat color
  • Born 24/03/2015 at Waggerland (NL)
  • One discoloured eye (left) and a tiny discolouration in his right.
  • Measures +/- 117 cm from his nose to the tip of his (amazing) tail
  • Weighs 14.9 kg
  • His giant ears double as radar dishes
  • A light spot above his nose
  • Loves feet: licking, lying on top of them, walking in front of them, …
  • A bit barky. Ok, maybe more than a bit.
  • Great at drooling: he believes it’s his job to clean the floor, but he’s not very good at it
  • Interior Decoration skills: ‘This room needs more fur!’
  • Very curious: needs to know what’s going on at all times
  • Likes to mow the lawn and eat the grass (no, Ziggy, you are not a cow)
  • Attracts fans wherever he goes, especially in the park
  • Generally paw-some

Discover more about Ziggy’s life on his Instagram account: @Ziggy.Stardust.Corgi

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