Creative Works

For Barks and Glory

Logo For Barks@3x My favourite creative pastime is making digital illustrations of dogs. Because I want to learn Illustrator better, but also simply out of my love for dogs (and cats, bunnies, …).

So far, I’ve been lucky to have been able to draw two lovely canines from the Can I Pet Your Dog community: Macaroni and Bogey. In the near future, I have a stack of ideas to turn into posters, stickers, tote bags… So you better keep an eye on the For Barks and Glory facebook page for updates.

Video & Animation

Both for the Maker’s Adventure video series, use at my job and most of al out of personal interest, I am learning video editing, effects and the basics of animation.

During a Digital Storytelling excercise at Maks vzw we were asked to make a video on our own talents. I decided to make a video on my eagerness to learn and to go for an ambitious technique: flash animation through Adobe Animate CC. This was my first time animating, so please be gentle on all the tiny mistakes that will haunt me in my dreams untill Ragnarok comes.