A Maker’s Adventure (starting soon)

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What is Maker Education? How can you use it in the classroom or youth work? Isn’t it hard? Does it cost a lot?

In this video series on YouTube, I will try to inspire and help my fellow educators interested in #MakerEd. There will be videos on how to do projects, pedagogical tips, lesson guides, kit reviews and so on. Stay tuned for more info!

Capital Digital Brussels


At Maks vzw, I am extremely lucky to be responsible for the Capital Digital program. Don’t be fooled: it is not just another coding camp. No, we aim to enable children and youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds to learn coding skills in a fun, playful way.

Teens from Brussels are trained to become multimedia animators, with both technical and pedagogical skills. They don’t just learn how to use Scratch or how robots work; they also get an intro into group dynamics, didactics and so on. After the training, they are offered a student job as a camp animator -often their first employment opportunity- and coached by one of the Maks employees.

Raspberry Pi Certified Educator

Certified Educator - Badge.pngYou know that feeling when you get an AMAZING opportunity and you just want to jump through the ceiling of joy? That is what I felt when I got the e-mail that I got to participate in one of the PiCademy training sessions this year in Manchester.

I’m a big fan of physical computing, as I believe it delivers a stronger learning experience than on-screen step-by-step coding lessons. So Raspberry Pi has always been high on my stuff-I-adore list. I am now more than  proud to wear my badge as a Pi Certified Educator and wish to encourage all educators and youth workers interested in Maker Ed to go register for the Picademy program!